About Us

About the Founder of Laurent Fine Watches

Laurent Martinez - Laurent Fine WatchesOriginally from Europe, I lived in Paris at a young age. I was fortunate enough to meet the city’s leading auctioneer at the time, who took me under his wing and became my mentor. Under his direction, I was introduced to the very best in art, automobiles, jewelry, and timepieces. That experience opened my eyes to an extraordinary world and instilled in me a profound appreciation of beauty, exceptional craftsmanship, and technical mastery.

Among all the luxury products I was privileged to encounter, it was the watches that really resonated with me. While the aesthetics of a timepiece is certainly important, its intricate movement, history of creation, and stories of past wearers are just as fascinating to me. The watch’s design is what may catch my eye initially, but uncovering the other components that complete the story is what fuels my passion. To me, a carefully crafted watch is a veritable work of art.

I have collected, studied, cherished, and worn so many watches throughout my life that I can truly say that I have a great love and appreciation for them. So at long last, I decided that I am finally ready to make the art of watches an even bigger part of my life by helping others to find their perfect timepieces too.

I genuinely believe that a beautiful watch, like many other fine luxury items, can bring true happiness and pleasure to its wearer. I also understand that selecting a vintage or contemporary watch is a very personal experience. Guiding someone to find the right timepiece is what brings me joy and it is the reason I founded Laurent Fine Watches.

Together, we can find a watch that really fits you—your ambitions, your personality, and your lifestyle.

Laurent is a member of the “NAWCC” National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors and “AWCI” American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute.

About the Watchmaker: Daniele Del Vecchio

Daniele Del VecchioAt Laurent Fine Watches, we work with Daniele Del Vecchio, a certified Omega watchmaker and member of the AWCI organization. Daniele service, inspect and warranty our watches before being shipped to our customers. All our watches are photographed for our record.