A very Happy New Year 2018

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year. It is also the perfect time to say thank you for all of your support during the past year. Thank you for sharing your passion for fine watches with me, for reading my newsletters, and for buying watches from LaurentFineWatches.

Happy New Year 2018

As many of you are aware, after 25 years in the corporate world, I finally took the leap to make my dream of becoming a contemporary and vintage watch dealer come true. This would not have been possible without your trust, support, and invaluable contribution. I have also met so many new people along the way and have learned so much from you this past year, and for that, I want to offer my gratitude too. This journey has truly been a blessing.

In 2017, I set out to offer the best service possible by only buying watches that I would wear myself, answering your questions as accurately as I could, and providing topnotch customer care. I also invested time and effort to send out interesting newsletters on a regular basis.

In 2018, I will set out new challenges for LaurentFineWatches. I will be offering even more eclectic watches, including more limited edition models, pocket watches, and other accessories. I would also like to develop my custom design service to help you find your watch of your dreams. Finally, I would like to organize a few events for my dear clients and friends to build a community around our shared passion for horology.

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I wish you a wonderful year ahead filled with health, happiness, and success. And perhaps one or two more timepieces in your collection too!


Laurent Martinez ✦ Laurent Fine Watches ✦

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