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Please allow me to introduce myself and share some exciting news with you. My name is Laurent Martinez and I am very passionate about fine vintage and contemporary watches. I have collected, studied, cherished, and worn so many timepieces throughout my life that I can truly say that I have a great love and appreciation for them. While vintage watches were always an important hobby of mine, I have finally decided that it was time to take it to another level by helping others to find their perfect timepieces too. This is why I have launched a new website dedicated to watch collecting

My love for luxury watches is more than skin-deep, so to speak. While the aesthetics of a timepiece is certainly important, its intricate movement, history of creation, and stories of past wearers are just as fascinating to me. The watch’s design is what may catch my eye initially, but uncovering the other components that complete the story is what fuels my passion. To me, a carefully crafted watch is a veritable work of art.

I hope that you’ll be able to share in my enthusiasm for fine watches by perusing my new website Laurent Fine Watches. I invite you to discover my curated watch collection, which includes vintage timepieces, contemporary wristwatches, and women’s watches.

Watch & Accessory Collections

I genuinely believe that a beautiful watch, like many other fine luxury items, can bring true happiness and pleasure to its wearer. I also understand that selecting a vintage watch is a very personal experience. Guiding someone to find the right timepiece is what brings me joy and it is the reason I founded Laurent Fine Watches. Together, we can find a watch that really fits you—your ambitions, your personality, and your lifestyle.

We do sell fine timepieces, but we also buy contemporary and vintage watches. There are many reasons to sell a watch. Perhaps you’re making space for a new one or it’s no longer suited to your taste or it’s been sitting in the safe too long or you inherited a piece that you have no use for. When you’re ready to sell your timepiece, ✦ Laurent Fine Watches ✦ will pay you the full market value for it. Eliminating the middleman—for instance, jewelry stores that have high overheads—and selling to us directly guarantees that you will receive the best market price for your watch.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our Timepieces World.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

Laurent Martinez ✦ Laurent Fine Watches ✦

Laurent Fine Watches

Laurent Fine Watches

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